Analisis: Haruskah Eden Hazard Bertahan atau Pergi di Bulan Januari?

Should Eden Hazard Stay or Go in January? Analysis

Eden Hazard has been linked with a move away from Chelsea in the January transfer window. But which option is best for both the player and the club? This article takes a look at the pros and cons and comes to a conclusion.

Pros of Hazard Staying at Chelsea

  • Continuity: Hazard has been at Chelsea since 2012, making him the club’s longest-serving player. He understands the team and the way they play, which would give them a major boost if he stayed.
  • More Appearances: Hazard has been injured or dropped to the bench in recent weeks, meaning his overall appearance record for the 2018-19 season would take a hit. Staying at the club would give him more minutes and opportunities to make an impact.
  • Loyalty: Staying at Chelsea, despite the current managerial troubles, would show loyalty to the club and fans. This would further cement his status as a legend of the club.

Cons of Hazard Staying at Chelsea

  • Form: Hazard has not been at his best in recent weeks and a move to a new team could help reignite his form. A move away could give him new motivation and help him regain the form that made him one of the top players in the world.
  • Character Issues: Hazard has had some issues with the Chelsea hierarchy in recent months, which could cause tension between himself and the club if he were to stay. As such, a move away from Chelsea could help put these disagreements in the past.
  • Age: Hazard is now 27, so his peak years in football may soon be drawing to a close. A move to a new team could help him further his career and prolong his stay as one of Europe’s top players.


Ultimately, it will be Hazard’s decision as to whether he stays or moves in January. Both options have their pros and cons and, depending on his current situation, one may be more beneficial to him than the other. Ultimately, it is up to Hazard to decide what is best for his career and his future.

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