Manchester United Mengadakan Pembicaraan dengan Kiper Inggris dan Crystal Palace Jack Butland?

Manchester United Negotiates With English Goalkeeper and Crystal Palace Jack Butland

Manchester United is reportedly in talks with English goalkeeper and Crystal Palace Jack Butland. It is thought that the club is working on signing Butland to help strengthen their defense.


Jack Butland is an English goalkeeper who currently plays for Crystal Palace. He has 11 international caps for England and was part of the squad that won the U-17 World Cup in 2011. Butland has made 184 Premier League appearances and has kept 35 clean sheets during his career. He has also been praised for his consistent performances.

Manchester United’s Interest in Butland

It is believed that Manchester United is looking to strengthen their defense with the signing of Jack Butland. The club is looking for a goalkeeper who can help them improve their defensive lineup and Butland might be the answer.

The Red Devils are reportedly in negotiations with Butland and are confident that they can reach an agreement.

What the Deal Could Mean for Both Teams

For Manchester United, the signing of Jack Butland could be a great move. The club will be looking to improve their defense and a goalkeeper of Butland’s calibre would be an ideal addition.

For Crystal Palace, the deal could help to further strengthen their squad. It may also provide an opportunity to reinvest in other areas of the team.


Manchester United is reportedly in talks with Jack Butland to help bolster their defense. The deal could prove to be beneficial for both sides, with Manchester United getting a quality goalkeeper and Crystal Palace being able to reinvest in other areas of the team.

Only time will tell, however, if a deal is able to be reached and if Jack Butland will become a Manchester United player.

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